Bocado Burger


Our Bocado Burger may not have been recognized by the press (yet) for its notoriety, but it does come with layers and layers of goodness.

We use High Grade Black Angus Meat Grilled to perfection

with Melted Fontina Cheese.

And it does not Stop There!

Adding on, it comes with Freshly Sliced Avocado, Raw Red Onion,

Crispy Applewood Smoked Bacon, finished with our Home Made Lemon Aioli.

It’s served on a Sesame Bun with Romaine Lettuce and Tomatoes. Plus, we put it on the Grill to get a hint of Smoky Flavor.

o – O – o

Wine Bar Construction


The Wine Bar @ BOCADO started as an Idea proposed by most of Bocado’s Frequent Guests. Month’s later after we opened our doors, they were consistently mentioning of what a great addition would it be in the neighborhood to have  a place close by where they can bring family and friends for lunch or dinner with a glass of wine or two. We wanted to make sure that we can deliver this request. By the First Quarter of 2013, we went ahead and looked for designers and contractors who we can work with. We spoke to our Wine and Beer Suppliers to provide us what types of selection we can add on to our list.

It was like renovating a home away from home. We wanted to create a space where there is warmth that can be felt. Certain coziness with a collected appeal. Since there was an existing Dining Room, we wanted to make sure that there will be a solid continuity of  the entire aesthetics of the space. Using materials that will certainly put all things together cohesively with a smooth flow and transition.

And it all started with Inspiration spanning from Industrial Work, Reclaimed Antique Barn Lumber, Raw Finish Metal Work, Caged Edison Lamps, Screen Prints among others.

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How much do you know about St. Patrick’s?

St. Patrick’s Day is Celebrated every March 17th, but none of us know much about it. Wouldn’t it be nice to come prepared with St. Paddy’s facts while you’re on the get go for your next Irish Pints?

8 Things we need to know about St. Patrick’s Day:

1. Original Color for St. Patrick’s Day was Blue. The Irish changed it to Green, just like for anything else, they did it all for the fact that hey are Irish. The Color Green is associated with Irish legends as the color worn by Fairies and Immortals. It was also worn by the farmers to encourage their crops to Grow.

2. Thank the Bostonians in 1737, for having the 1st St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Nope! It was not in Ireland.

3. There are at least 10,000 3 leaf clover for each 1 Lucky Four Leaf Clover

4. Leprechaun can mean two things: aqueous sprite – half or small bodied ; or “leath bhrogan” or shoe maker

5. Chicago’s Plumber Union Dye the Chicago River Green. This normally lasts about 6 – 12 hours and has been a tradition since 1962.

6. There are more Irish in USA than there is in Ireland.

7. Don’t forget to wear Green if you want to come out of the Parade alive. Only by doing so, you save yourself from being pinched!

8. Looking for “The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow”,  you’re already drinking with them!

Enjoy St. Patty’s !!!